• An Application that quickly and accurately zeroes weaponry 
  • ​data-preservation and processing system with data analysis intelligence


  • The process of zeroing weapons and sights has not changed in accordance to the advancements in technology and has stayed a cumbersome and inaccurate process.
  • For a combat unit the process of zeroing weapons of a company takes hours
  • Today, on average, five rounds of five bullets are shot in order to properly zero a weapon
  • There is no preservation or processing of the knowledge and date needed and acquired (personal and systemic) 
  • A low level of professionalism among recruits, combat soldiers, and reservists, a great deal of dependence on shooting instructors – a short resource 
  • Time is a precious resource in training and preparation for combat – today, either the quality of zeroing is compromised or hours of work are invested and wasted on the process

The Challenge

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Smart, Simple & Accurate

The product and the solution

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  • An advanced and simple to use application. instructional and training system that utilizes technology in order to quickly and accurately zero rifles and light machine guns – the weapon is zeroed to a high level
  • Displays the group size as a measure - against the costumer’s definition
  • An advanced image processing system with learning capabilities
  • A data-preservation and processing system with data analysis intelligence
  • Significantly cuts down on time, ammunition, and man power – three important resources
  • Wide distribution, by using a smart phone -  Your Own Device
  • A pioneer system with a registered patent in Israel (currently in an international process of registration)
  • High level weaponry zeroing
  • Significant  time savings
  • Reduces ammunition usage by 30-50%
  • Mentors shooter AND instructor
  • Straightforward and simple to use 
  • Easily scalable
  • Data retention and analyzation

  The added value:

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How does it work

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Scoring & Comparison

Double shoot

Double Shoot Ltd is a rapidly growing Israeli startup that combines two of Israel’s greatest strengths:  Combat Capabilities and Technology. 
Double Shoot provides an extremely unique and advanced system to quickly and efficiently zero high accuracy weapons and advanced scoring system.  
The platform utilizes an advanced image processing system deployed via Smartphone.  Double Shoot utilizes data-based analysis within a restricted web interface in-order to provide a wide-spectrum of reports to not only individuals and instructors but to entire units, HQ and the staff levels.  
Double Shoot reduces the time and amount of ammunition needed to properly zero weaponry by 30%-50%. 
Double shoot can, therefore, lead to a significant reduction in time, cost and manpower required at the shooting range, shooting practices and beyond.   
We have been granted a patent in Israel and have filed an International patent application.
Tal Tinichigiu-Abergil is an IDF Reserve Captain who specializes in shooting and weaponry instruction, having served for more than five years as the head of the Weaponry Instruction Branch for the IDF Counter-Terror School. 
About us: 
Oren Avman is a retired IDF Brigadier General, has acquired more than three decades of front-line combat experience while commanding every level of framework, from company to division. 
His last positions include: Division Commander, Commander of Company and Battalion commanders’ course and head of TRADOC (Training & Doctrine) Division.


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Tal Tinichigiu-Abergil and Oren Avman's startup has developed an app for streamlining and simplifying the firearm zeroing process.      

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