Double Shoot Ltd. is a rapidly growing Israeli startup that combines two of Israel’s greatest strengths: Combat Capabilities and Technology.
The Double Shoot app provides a pioneering way to quickly and efficiently zero high accuracy weapons and advanced scoring system. The app utilizes a proprietary image processing system deployed via smartphone.
Double Shoot then analyses the data within a restricted web interface in order to provide a wide spectrum of reports not only to individuals and instructors, but also to entire units, at the HQ and the staff levels.
Double Shoot reduces the time and amount of ammunition needed to properly zero weaponry systems by 30%-50%.
Double Shoot's technology is unique and patent-protected

About Us


BG (R) Oren Avman retired from the Israel Defense Forces as a brigadier general with more than three decades of front-line combat experience in commanding every level of framework, from company to division.
His last positions include: division commander, Commander of the Company and Battalion Commanders’ course, and head of the TRADOC (Training & Doctrine) Division.

Tal Tinichigiu-Abergil is an IDF reserve captain who specializes in shooting and weaponry instruction, having served for more than five years as the head of the Weaponry Instruction Branch at the IDF Counter-Terror School.

Digitizing the shooting arena, creating a culture.